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Post  MrKaleoBlack on Mon Mar 12, 2012 12:30 am

Initial encounter:
(scene: Michio reluctantly goes to class for the first time with little to no expectations)
Michio walks through the hallway after arriving late for his second class as he passes by a peculiar girl with vividly blue eyes and a haircut as if cut with a knife sitting in a doorway. He tries to put it in the back of his mind until he hears her speaking softly to the wall in front of her. Bored with the thought of going to his next class, he decides to talk with her.
"Hello there." He looks at the wall again and back down into her eyes now looking at him. Searching him, this girl blinks only once after a long discourse of silence.
"Hi." Her voice is sweet sounding, but very soft. Straining his ears only barely did justice to hear her.
Feeling uncomfortable, Michio pushes his hands into his pockets and looks at the wall again. "Who were you talking to?"
The girl blinks a couple more times before answering, never breaking eye contact.
"a friend." She looks back to the wall. "He doesn't know why you stopped here. he wants to know your name."
Michio stared at the wall as if confronting some force trying to drive him away, but he shook his head at the nothing that was there trying to pretend this girl was sane. She was cute, definitely. Her hair was a bit odd, but flawless elsewhere.
"Michio. What is your name?" Hestitating to look back at the wall, he added "and his?"
the girl laughed a little. Her hands, which I now noticed were holding a book, were held out to present the empty space in front of her. "This is Ciphas. I've known his for a long, long time." then she'd returned her hands to her book and looked down into the book as if searching for answers.
"My name is Ryme." She eventually answered after long pause and scanning pages through the book.
The first thought was to question what she was reading and if that was her real name or if it was a character from the story, but Michio refrained. Instead, he nods and decides it'd be best to go to class.
"What class do you have next?"
Ryme looked up at Michio and smiled.
"Class?" She seemed happily confused as she stands and puts her book into a seemingly empty messenger bag. "I forgot about that."
"You forgot?"
"Yeah, Ciphas told me I should catch up on my reading. He said it'd be better than going to Trigonometry."
Michio smiled. The girl was a bit weird, but he could relate. He never really enjoyed math, so he felt it was something he could connect with her with.
"Yeah, I get ya." The first smile he felt in a while, stinging in the back on his mind, but still propelling him to take another step as he walked with her down the hallway.

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