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Act one beginning ideas Empty Act one beginning ideas

Post  Sudsy_Wudsy on Tue Mar 13, 2012 1:03 am

Now, I had an idea (which I talked over with Kaleo for a short while) about the first time Michio arrives to the school, or town for that matter. Clearly just an idea, but I guess it's worth putting here.

Since we took a number of photos down by the docks, a thought occurred to me - where I live, and where I took the photos, plenty of people travel to and from the island via float plane. It's actually pretty cheap, and way faster than a bus or ferryboat. If it starts act one off as Michio just landing at the docks, and hopping off and seeing part of the town for the first time... I felt the idea of having to fly there would detach this town and school from the rest of the world a bit more than riding in on a bus or something. Just an idea.

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