Beginning of Act 1 - arriving, meeting the bro -EDITED-

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Beginning of Act 1 - arriving, meeting the bro -EDITED- Empty Beginning of Act 1 - arriving, meeting the bro -EDITED-

Post  Sudsy_Wudsy on Wed Mar 14, 2012 11:07 pm

This is just something I wrote up, so see if you like it or not. I showed part of it to you gentlemen a day or so ago, but here is the rest written up according to the flowchart, just up to the first choice. Hope you enjoy, see if it is worthy or not.

NOTE: Lightly edited.

The town I arrived in was small. Nothing like the city. It certainly looked bigger in the brochures. Not that it matters I guess. Right out of the plane I notice the tons of trees, and seaside life.

I walked up the dock, and took my first gaze at the town itself. There was a stretch of boardwalk high above the water, along the harbor. I suppose this was just one part of the town, but it didn't look that entertaining by any means. The only store I saw was a used bookstore.

Not that I have time for sightseeing anyways – I'm supposed to be at the school dormitories. If they notice I'm late, they'll call the parents and raise hell for me. Sigh.

I asked a passerby where the [blank] school was, and he pointed me in the direction along the boardwalks, and further down a road.

Only halfway down the boardwalk, to my left, you could see the town wasn't as nearly as dilapidated as I thought it was. The small park along the boardwalk was well trimmed, with very little trash strewn about.

I continued on, up from the park to trudge along this long road, which had no actual sidewalk. Passing a gas station, I notice the price of gas at a new high... as per usual.

And then I reached it – the school. A dull red, made of brick, this school... this was a fancy school.

I walked across the field, the sun was coming out and a breeze hit me in the back, almost pushing me towards this school as if it was meant to be.

Nobody was around – it was like a ghost town. Especially for a Monday, I figured people would be up and about. I suppose people are just getting ready for their first day.

Looking at my pamphlet, I observed the little map included. The dormitories were right around the corner.

I entered the door to the building. This would be my new home. I looked at my information sheet. My room would be second floor up, right by the stairs. So, up I go.

Once I reach the door to my room, I pause. This was really the beginning. My old life was gone. May left me. My parents sent me away. Sigh.

Can I even do this?

I decide, for the first time in a long time, to take a set forward. Even if it was just to open the door.

I walked inside, and immediately noticed two beds – not just one. I remembered my mom saying something about having a dorm mate. I didn't really pay attention, or care at the time.

The room had a beige/tanned paint scheme – all one colour, but at least it wasn't plain white.

You could see what area was mine. The bed with blank, white sheets, and a nightstand with nothing on it. Nothing on the wall beside it.

Across the room was the room mates side. His nightstand had a few books on it, some book called “The Red Horse” on the top of the stack. There were also several small drawings posted onto the wall beside his bed. They looked awful – just scribbles and nonsense.

And just then I heard the door close from behind me. I turned around.

[Show Robert Burnett/Bro]

There was a guy standing in the doorway, Scruffy hair, stubbled, solid guy. Looked really tired, though.

Guy: Hey. Can I help you?

Michio: Uh, hi. I'm Michio – I just got here, I'm a new student... this is my dorm room.

The guy's eyes lit up a little bit, and his mouth curled into a tiny smile, not to look so grumpy I suspect.

Guy: Oh, so you are my new roommate. I'm Robert.

He stretched out his hand to shake mine. I took his hand and shook it, as not to seem to weird or reserved.

He put his hand by his side and walked into the room, and looked out the window. I put my stuff on my new bed, and looked for a closet, chest, or anything where I could put clothing.

Michio: Uh... is there a closet or something?

Robert turned around, letting out a small tired groan while doing so.

Robert: Yeah, there are some hangers in a single closet which we would have to share.. I tend to put most of my clothing underneath the bed. But you are going to have to wait for that.

I frowned quizzically.

Michio: Uh... why?

Robert: It's your first day. Most students take the first day off to get used to the schedule, the grounds, the people, whatever. And I'm looking for an excuse not to attend... so I guess I'm offering to show you around.

A day off? Makes sense for a new student. I was tired anyways. But I didn't really feel like going around, meeting people, seeing things...

Robert: I've been here a good while. You would be in my capable hands.

He smiled with the last statement, waiting for an answer.

1> Michio: Sure, why not? How could I turn down a free tour?
2> Michio: No offense, but I'd rather just stay in or wander around... get used to things on my own.

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Beginning of Act 1 - arriving, meeting the bro -EDITED- Empty Re: Beginning of Act 1 - arriving, meeting the bro -EDITED-

Post  Turmoil on Thu Mar 15, 2012 3:43 pm

I'm going to hijack this and post it into the google docs to give us a good starting point.

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