My possible bro sketch (for refernce): Robert Burnett

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My possible bro sketch (for refernce): Robert Burnett Empty My possible bro sketch (for refernce): Robert Burnett

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Robert “Robbie” Burnett

Joined the school later than some students, at age 16, claimed to have been a slow academic learner. However, Robert is in fact rather intelligent, just has trouble learning in regular classroom environments, and enjoys learning by himself through textbooks or any source.
During the beginning of the story, Robert is 17 years old, joining the school at a grade nine, and quickly going through his curriculum nearly up to the part grade 12.
Came from a wealthy, albeit disillusioned household. Family troubles left Robert in charge of the family as the 'big brother.' The family troubles left Robert sharp around the edges, and reinforced his more introverted and apathetic tendencies, however taught him to be responsible and support others, such as his siblings.
Came from a family of 4, Robert being the 2nd oldest. His oldest brother (who was very close to Robert) died in Afghanistan, from an IED blast. This leaves a hole in Robert, feeling as if he stands alone in the world.
His other two siblings loved him dearly, and Robert left for the school with his heart somewhat torn, leaving his younger sisters. His sisters left to live with relatives, but Robert felt it was his duty to protect his family
Robert appears somewhat bookish, but not unattractive. He has a solid build, some stubble, and somewhat messy (but not long) hair. He wears smallish, sleek glasses.
He tends to have a drowsy expression, however when a topic of interest appears, his gaze changes quickly to a serious one.
Robert has an intense love and passion of learning for everything artistic, but does not look particularly 'artistic' himself, just a little disheveled.
Robert has a particular love for impressionist classical music, a love since his childhood. His favorite song is “Pavane Pour Une Infante Défunte “ by Ravel.
Robert feels he sometimes needs to stop listening to the impressionist classical music he loves, because it leaves him feeling “too soft, and too emotional.”
Roberts favorite school subject is History, one he excels in.
Although rather introverted, quiet (but not shy, and no fear to speak up in a social situation), Robert is not greedy by any means and has learned to have a love for nearly everyone.
Robert has issues with being a follower, and tends to enjoy being the leader, however his quietness tends to place him in a follower position (much to his displeasure).
Close friends tend to look to Robert for good advice and support.
Even though coming from a wealthy family, Robert doesn't receive much money himself.
Robert enjoys taking walks in nature, feeling as if “a breeze in the wind can carry my troubles away.”
Robert hides the hole left by his brothers demise and rough upbringing by caring for others, however this leaves his emotional state of mind relatively untended.
On occasion, Robert gets into 'sick' bouts, but is just staying in his home with a bout of absolute tiredness and loneliness. He shares this with nobody, as to keep up his quiet and undramatic image, which is also his cage.
Robert has always been single, and feels he may always be this way due to his inability to come to a person from a romantic angle.

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