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Post  Sudsy_Wudsy on Fri Mar 16, 2012 11:03 pm

Michio's Homeroom Teacher: Mr. Julian Gritt

-Average height, a tad overweight (just think tubby).
-Black hair cut short, and a beard.
-Brown eye colour.
-Usually wears a suit jacket over a tucked in button up shirt, but not in a formal way – not buttoned to the top, no tie, etc.


-A very enthusiastic teacher and learner, specializing in 20th century history.
-Has a smooth voice, and explains things very eloquently.
-Teaches for both kids who learn slowly or quickly.
-Being a very history/political based individual, Gritt understands and studies present day political and social trends as a hobby, but cannot relate with new trends very well. In turn, most students describe Gritt as being an old fashioned guy.
-Also related to not being able to relate to present day trends, Gritt loves poking fun at problems the kids have – as long as they are not serious, such as “first-world-problems.” If it is serious, Gritt offers whatever help he can, if the student wants it.
-Always willing to take hours after work to explain any work to any student.


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